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You might want to consider posting the Email versions in this post, under a cut. So people only have to go to one post to have everything they need at hand.

Oh right! I have not though about it!
I have no idea how to do cuts in posts, so I will put the mails below or see if I can do a cut.
I have been going too fast and posting to so many places I have got confused!

Didja send this to Chad Allen and Chad Allen Online by any chance? If not, is it okay if I post a link to this site under the comments section of their myspace page???

Hi Nyte!
Will I ever thank you enough for the graphics??? THANK YOU!!!
I did send a message to the moderator of Chad Allen Online LiveJournal. He is an amazing man and promised to link to this site from Chad Allen's My Space page.
I have not posted a separate message directly on Chad Allen Online Live Journal Space so Nyte, feel free to do so! I will be thankful and feel free to post a link to this site anywhere you think would be good since this page has been created by YOU too!

I can not access the Official Chad Allen page at all, so if there is any chance to get in contact with them and link too, please do!

I've sent the link and one of my graphics in the form of a comment to the myspace page. I'd inserted the Christmas graphic I made in a comment a day or two ago. Today when I checked the official fan site at http://www.chadallenonline.com/ I saw that he'd placed my graphic at the top of the site's homepage. Makes me feel all warm and snuggly....

I know! It is amazing! You ROCK Nyte and I hope the studios get FLOODED with the graphics you provided! I do not know, but maybe this will actually work out? Or at least, as you said, we will not give up without a fight!
I wish Chad Allen Official worked here but it has not been working for ages now.
Keep spreading the message!

What problem are you having? Always feel free to contact me at webmaster@chadallenonline.com that's by far the best way to reach me.


Hi Ken!
Chad's official site you host does not work here in Poland, I have tried on an endless number of computers but with no luck:( I came to the conclusion that maybe it is blocked for outside of US viewers, although it did work once. Maybe you could check it out, I have tried EVERYWHERE! I know it works in Germany though...
Meery Christmas!

Had my hosting company check on this and they were able to get to the site in Poland. You might check with your service provider.

It is still not working and I have been checking at home, work, friends, anywhere I went! Maybe it comes with the territory... or as you say I have to check my service provider! Thanks! Happy New Year!

Thanks for providing all of this. I really hope the campaign works.

You are welcome! I hope so too!

Correct e-mail address?

Is the e-mail address for Regent Release correct? My e-mail to them just bounced back.

Re: Correct e-mail address?

I think so. It is the one provided on all the Regent Media releated websites. I wil check it out again if it is typed right!
Thank you!!!

Hey guys! I have begun my campaign this afternoon by emailing Here! TV. Thanks for giving all of the addresses and templates.


You are welcome Audrey and thank you so much for being part of the campaign and leaving a sign! I hope there is some traffic and interest here!!!

I e-mailed HERE! yesterday and have received this reply:

"Thank you for contacting here!. We truly appreciate your interest in our network.

"At this time, we have plans to air Donald Strachey movies in March. We do not currently have any specific dates set to begin production on new content.

"For the latest updates, please refer to our web site, http://www.heretv.com, when you can."

I'm presuming the March movies will be reruns of the first 4. I am hoping that the "specific dates set to begin production on new content" means that they are seriously considering new movies. Let's keep up the pressure and remind them how much we want to see new TIMMY & DONALDs!

That's the same form response I received when I emailed them about a week ago. I dunno if it means they are seriously considering new movies, but I'd like to think it means they haven't ruled out the possibility entirely.

But as you say we have to keep pushing and pushing.......

Thank you for taking part in the campaign!
I am also thinking that the March are reruns, and that they do not have specific dates of NEW content, means they are CONSIDERING making new movies, but may also be just a think to write for us to bugger off. Let's keep trying and eventually maybe I will be able to ask Ron Oliver directly about a change in their decision. For now they are said to be cancelled :(
Thank you for taking your time to mail!!!

I tried to send a email today and it was returned non-deliverable. Is anyone else having problems with this? I definitely want to join the campaign though! I emailed Here! from their contact page on the website, I really hope they will make more Donald Strachey movies, I love them!

You are right, there is a mistake. I am on it to correct it! Thanks!

Yes, I had the same problem. Thanks to savestracheys for providing the correct address now. :-)

I just received this reply from the RegentReleasing.com e-mail address:

Please tell whoever is managing this letter campaign that Regent Releasing does not produce movies. They need to write to these gentlemen at Here Media Inc. www.heremedia.com or at the network that shows them, HereTV www.heretv.com


Oh.. hm, perhaps there is another email?

At least they are getting enough emails to notice its a campaign. lmao!

At this website http://www.here-films.com/contact.html there is actually a contact for 'PRESS INFO and MATERIAL REQUESTS'

I am going to email info @ here-films.com and see what happens! :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for that web page because I was a big moron and could not actually find it! I will repleace the Regent Releasing email for this information!
Yes, they are seeing something is going on, maybe Here will wake up!!!

I have gotten the same Emails back, so we are being noticed I guess.

Maybe we can ask Mr. Oliver to provide the best Email addies? Since he's the one who nudged us to having this campaign.

Hi Ferretgirl!
I am toying with the idea of doing so too, I have no idea if this campaign had any resonable impact as the community is so tiny after all.
I hve been away from my computer for a while and I can see not much changed. I will have to collect my courage and write Mr.Oliver and see if we have made any tiny impact at all!
Meery Christmas!

I know they asked him to stop saying that they weren't going to make more but other than that he hasn't said. I do know he just finished shooting a new movie for Disney in Canada so not sure how in the loop he's been.

I am sure we have to wait and see eventually if Here TV wakes up and announces the new movie. Fingers crossed!

I just saw this! Here's hoping they change their minds and make the last two movies after all. I sent in my e-mails and will mail my postcards tomorrow. I love this series and was really looking forward to the next installment.

Thanks for launching this campaign. :-)

Barb (MzkGrl on youtube)

And keep the music videos coming - they're wonderful!

Thank you! You are welcome for the campign and a bigger thanks has to go to the girls that helped me wrap it up! I hope you enjoy the movies and taking part in this little adventure and thank you for your support! I also promise new videos, as soon as I have some time!!!
Male Drzewo

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