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Vote for the Donald Strachey Mysteries on Here TV Poll!
HereTV is running a poll asking which series viewers would like to see more of, and The Donald Strachey Mysteries are currently winning by a landslide! Let's make it definite by voting here:

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Go for it!!!

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You can vote as many times as you like. I've voted *blushes* a few times.

Just looked, and we've got 85.5% of the vote so far! Go Donald and Timmy!

Hi, I'm trying to find and watch the Strachey movies on Here! but can't seem to locate them, although I've heard they can be viewed there. Any suggestions? All I could find was the trailer for "Shock to the System" but nothing else.

To whoever decides We as gay men need movies like these that show us as real people, role models for the younger generation too.
most everything on film shows gays the worst possible things that can happen these Strachey movies show how good things can be once we have come out and settled into our skin realistic portrails of gay men without turning us into a joke. You oinow ive been spending so much time on Youtube watching things like Emmerdale (Aaron & Jackson),
Hollyoaks(Craig & john Paul -Ste & Brendan) because American tv has almost nothing really for us and even these i mentioned dont seem to want to show gays after self acceptance. I know how bad things can get i live in a small town Livingston, Texas and Houston wasnt much better Thanks for Q as F if that was you. as soon as i saw that some of these books had been made into movies i was ready to buy all 4 and i hope you decide to finnish and make the rest of the series i know there are at least 4 more books. :) if you want to talk to me ask for my contact info :)

I joined the campaign and sent a message, i have to to Donald Strachey movies late but i love them and hope we get to see the rest of it x

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