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Awww...sounds just super. I think I would really enjoy this type of Con experience. :) Actually, I was thinking of you (and Donald and Timmy!) this past week. My husband and I went to KY for his family reunion, and on the drive home I spent my time re-reading The Best of Me on my Kindle. I love that story so, so much. I think I told you a long time ago that it was the first Strachey fic I ever read and, at the time, I didn't even know who they were! You unknowingly (or knowingly...*eyes you*) dragged me in to a brand new fandom and now I can't get enough. LOL Anyway, I re-read The Best of Me. I've decided that, not only is it the first Strachey fic I ever read, it remains my favorite. I love it, love it, love it. *beams*

Thanks again, Candy!!



Maybe sometime you can make the trip to the con! It would be great to have more of the Strachey LJ community there. :-) Thank you so much for mentioning "The Best of Me"--I had a great time writing that story, and I'm so glad you still enjoy it!

I am, of course, pea-green with envy. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! One of these days....

Consider me part of the pea-green with envy-club. Can't decide whether to have a wee sulk or be over the moon that it went so well!

The Lady 529

Why limit yourself? Indulging in a little of each seems to be working for me.

Haha, that's pretty much what I settled on X D

Then I celebrated my thus-far exam results with a chocolate bar and some pineapple juice. For further details please see my journal.

The Lady 529

I'm really thrilled there's as much interest as there is out there for our boys. And for our zine! It would be great if one of these days, you could make it to the con!

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