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OMFG!!!! I laughed so hard I started choking over the "Donald and Timmy get lei'd" slogan! I've got to get one of those!

I know, it's too perfect, isn't it? We need to make this fun for the folks at the network, so they not only recognize that we're here, but maybe even like us a little--that can't hurt our cause! :-)

We can DO it!!! Thank you Candy for this new info, I am also going crazy here in Europe planning mails and songvideos to spread the love and maybe they will wake up after the vacations and start thinking about making movies that really ARE popular and adored!!!
THANK YOU EVERYBODY WHO HELPS OUT!!! We can do it and make it real!!!
Male Drzewo

LOL!!! I love this. Now I have something to attach to my leis!

That's what I'm doing, too. It's not really postcard shaped, but it could be sort of a mini-banner. :::grin::: Thought you might get a kick out of it....

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