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More on the Fourth of July Campaign!

Thanks to Maledrzewo for entrusting me to post unsupervised here!  Just got back from a trip to my nearest dollar store, and thought I'd throw out these suggestions.  I found red, white and blue leis, 12-foot flag banners that could be folded up small enough to fit in a standard envelope, little flag-themed bows, windsocks, and those "fireworks" decorations that are weighted to hold down helium balloons.  Let's get creative, and make this fun for the folks at HERE! who have to open our mail (the more clever we are, the more likely they are to show their bosses or display some of the fun stuff they get!) .  Let's send anything patriotic we can fit into a mailer or envelope that won't cost a fortune to send (I'm going to remove the weight from the fireworks decoration and attach it to one of Nyte's graphics, for example!)  Let's include the leis with messages attached (We want to see Donald and Timothy get lei'd on HERE!TV with more Strachey movies!), take a banner and stick one of Nyte's lovely graphics on every other flag, and also include traditional mini-flags, pin-on buttons, etc.  Let's do something the folks at HERE will get some laughs from, instead of just making them open our mail. :-)

Start sending these anytime, folks.  The Fourth of July is a week from Sunday, so let's start sending them stuff as soon as possible!  Ask friends in your other fan communities to help out.  I posted a request in Sentinel and Starsky & Hutch fandoms to give us a hand, and a couple people have already said they'll help.  Know someone who watches the movies with you but isn't in the "fan community"?  Ask them if they'd like you to send a note or patriotic novelty item on their behalf, from their name/address (you do the work!).  My mom loves the movies, and watches them with me, so I always send something in her name, too, because she's a fan!  I would suggest sending something separately to each of our contact names, for best impact!

Here's the address again:

Paul Colichman or Stephen Jarchow
HERE Media Inc.
10990 Wilshire Blvd, Penthouse
Los Angeles, CA  90024

Here's Nyte's lovely graphic:¤t=fourthofjuly.jpg

Let's keep that momentum rolling!!  And for our non-US fans, is there a big holiday in your country you could use as a theme for notes or novelties?  If so, use it and make a statement about the worldwide appeal of these movies!

Candy, waving her pompons in the air... :-)

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OMFG!!!! I laughed so hard I started choking over the "Donald and Timmy get lei'd" slogan! I've got to get one of those!

I know, it's too perfect, isn't it? We need to make this fun for the folks at the network, so they not only recognize that we're here, but maybe even like us a little--that can't hurt our cause! :-)

We can DO it!!! Thank you Candy for this new info, I am also going crazy here in Europe planning mails and songvideos to spread the love and maybe they will wake up after the vacations and start thinking about making movies that really ARE popular and adored!!!
THANK YOU EVERYBODY WHO HELPS OUT!!! We can do it and make it real!!!
Male Drzewo

LOL!!! I love this. Now I have something to attach to my leis!

That's what I'm doing, too. It's not really postcard shaped, but it could be sort of a mini-banner. :::grin::: Thought you might get a kick out of it....

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