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SUPERFANS! And an idea for the 4th of July, join in!
Hello everybody!

Here is some exiting news from Candy and a proposal for everyone who wants more Strachey movies! Please join in and let us know if you are all up for anotherr round!

And over to Candy!

"There's an article in the most recent issue of TV Guide Magazine that should inspire our campaigners to renew their efforts!  It's called "The Power List: Meet the 25 Most Influential People in Television".  Guess who's at number 25?


The passage reads: "From Chuck fans buying Subway meals and Jericho devotees sending nuts to CBS to get their show back on the air to the countless Twitter accounts and websites devoted to every detail of their shows, fans everywhere now have more influence than ever over what gets on the air and stays on.  Director David Nutter (Supernatural, The Mentalist) says, "It's no secret that the passionate television audience is taken very seriously by the creatives and suits alike."

Now, folks, that's from an industry insider, and TV Guide is giving the nod to the power of the fans.  We already know there have been rumblings at Here!TV about another Strachey movie.  So let's keep up the effort.

For American fans, let's send them flags for the 4th of July!  They're everywhere right now, even in dollar stores.  We could attach little notes saying "Bring back the fireworks with more Donald Strachey Movies!"

It's quick and easy to do, and it's eye-catching.  Anybody game to give it a try???"


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If you don't mind, I'd like to print this and use it as my 4th of July card to Here!

Great job.

I want to print it out and attach it to a little flag and send it!

That's exactly what I made it for! Go for it! :)

Sounds good when? and addy?

Go here and read the December post (fourth post down) for contact info:

I'm in! Just because I'm an 'other side of the Atlantic' fan, doesn't mean I won't give it my best : D

The Lady 529

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