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Donald Strachey Mysteries at the Media West Con in Michigan, Candy's report
Hello Everybody!
This last weekend there was a big event releated to Donald Strachey Mysteries Movies! Candy took our little fandom to the Media West Con in Michigan and made her voice very well heard there capturing the hearts of new viewers and fans all around there! We are honored to be able to post her report!
Please join the campaign and help us make dreams come true and get more Donald Strachey books taken to the big screen!


Over Memorial Day weekend, I packed my Donald Strachey DVD's, my t-shirt made for me by a friend with a pic of the guys on it, three lovely vids made by Male Drzewo, and headed for MediaWest Con in Lansing, Michigan.  This is a convention organized by fans, for fans, with lots of group discussions, fandom-themed parties, and other activities.

I was fully prepared to be a fandom dodo bird (please read that as dough-dough, not dew-dew LOL), flapping my wings furiously and trying to recruit more people to my obscure little fandom.

While I won't say that we've exactly beaten out "Lost" or the CSI franchise, the Donald Strachey Mysteries is definitely the Little Fandom That Could.  Everywhere I went, it seemed, people I know from other fandoms recognized the guys, and already loved the movies (I bumped into a few who had read the books but didn't know there were movies, so I set them on the path to righteousness - well, actually, I told them to subscribe to Here!TV and dowload them, or order them from Amazon, but it's the same thing!).  Many of these fans first discovered the movies through a songvid at another convention (that's how I heard about it, too!).

Anyone who didn't know about the series, I told them about Donald and Timothy, this wonderful, romantic, devoted male couple who are the lead characters in a series of movies with quality casts and strong mystery storylines.  Quite a few recognized Chad from his Dr. Quinn days, and others recognized Sebastian from First Wave or his guest role on Supernatural, which also has a big fan following.  I encouraged everyone I could to download them from Here!TV, and then drop the network an e-mail to explain why they subscribed and to ask for more Strachey films.  I gave out info on the campaign LJ page, and our other LJ communities.  I directed them to YouTube to check out the wonderful songvids there.  I will say this - for a small fandom, we have awesome writers, vidders, and artists, so it wasn't hard to recommend things for new people to check out. 

The best "pimp your fandom" tool I was armed with were Male Drzewo's three beautiful songvids, which were entered in the video competition (we won't know about winners for a while, since the voting will take place online in the near future, after the convention).  The video show ran three times over the weekend (slash/mature videos are always shown in the evening - proof the really fun people come out at night, I guess!).  My con buddy and I were there for the first showing Friday night when the room was at its fullest (probably about 100 people), and not only did the Strachey vids earn enthusiastic applause, I heard several people asking what that series was and how to get it.  I would have jumped in, but other fans were filling in their friends on the movies' availability through Amazon, etc.  I managed to catch the tail end of the Saturday night show, and while the crowd was tiny (it was opposite a lot of other events), the folks there also reacted
 positively.  I can honestly say Male Drzewo's entries were by far the sweetest and most touching relationship vids in the show.  The fan who coordinated the vid show said we should enter again next year because they generated a lot of interest!

A few of the mega-shows like Lost or CSI boasted room-stuffing crowds at their group discussions, but a lot of the discussion groups averaged 6-8 people.  I was a little miffed at first that our one and only Strachey discussion was scheduled for 8pm on Saturday night, since that competes with parties, a masquerade, and other activities at the convention.  We had 12 - count them - 12 people show up.  And we had an awesome discussion about the movies, the books, the characters...if another group hadn't needed the room, we would have probably gone well over our hour limit.

On Sunday at 11am, I hosted a gathering to watch Third Man Out.  I was optimistic, and bought snacks and a couple bottles of soft drinks, but I had this nagging fear it would be myself, my con buddy, and one or two stragglers there.  We packed the room with 25 fans munching popcorn and chips and watching Third Man Out, many of whom had never seen the movies before.  Some came from the flyers I posted (strategically decorated with a lovely shot of Donald and Timothy kissing), some from word of mouth, and others came with friends. 
All in all, a great opportunity to recruit people to help with the campaign.  Many of these fans have participated in save-the-show campaigns before, so they're receptive to the idea of making their voices heard.  I hope we see some new faces on LJ soon, and that those of us who are already hanging out here can create some good discussion threads in our communities to get them talking.

So, onward in the fight for more movies...we've got even more fans than we thought depending on us!!

Candy and the Save Stracheys Staff

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Yes, thank you, Candy.

I enjoyed the Saturday night discussion very much, and I wish it could have gone on longer. Felt like we were just getting warmed up.

I would have enjoyed watching any of the movies in a group, but I stepped into the party suite briefly and there wasn't any place to sit (I'm too old and creaky to stand for any length of time, or to sit on the floor), so I stepped out again. Looked and sounded like everyone was having a good time, however.


We needed more chairs and more time--just too much Strachey fandom and too little time. :-) Thanks to you and everyone who came to the panel, party, and cheered on the vids. Definitely going to work on getting more panels for next year. (And I'll save you a seat at the party!)

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