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Summer Strachey Campaign

Hello Everybody!

Happy summer to all of you!!!

The Save Stracheys staff would like to thank everybody who took part in the campaign so far and we have the honor to invite you to the Summer Round of the Save Stracheys Campaign! Please take your time to send a postcard/letter or e-mail to the studio and let them know how much we would all love to see new Donald Strachey Mysteries Movies! Also, it is a great way of saying THANK YOU to everybody involved in making this movies!

Candy has prepared wonderful ready to paste messages you can use, they are here:

The only thing hotter than the sun this summer would be news of a new Donald Strachey Mystery movie!  Thanks for bringing this great series of movies to us - please bring Donald and Timothy back for more!
Thank you for the Donald Strachey Mysteries!  It's wonderful to see a happily married male couple who are romantic, funny, and exciting.  Please make more installments for this terrific series!
I discovered Here!TV because of the Donald Strachey Mysteries, and I love the great programming I've found on your network.  My favorites are still the Strachey series - MORE PLEASE!!


Our art director, Nyte, has prepared amazing artwork to use as postcards! Feel free to paste, use, print and send away! They are here at Nyte's Journal:

Also, please take a moment to subscribe to Here TV programming and let them know that the best thing to find and download there would be a new Donald Strachey Movie! There Here TV subscription page is right here! 

All the mailing info with addresses and e-mail contact is right there below, in the first post here!

The whole Save Stracheys Staff wants to wish you all a happy and sunny summer!

Save Stracheys Staff


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Hey guys that link to the artwork in this post isn't working. Try this:

When I get home from work tonight, I'll post the graphics to my journal as well for a secondary access point and post the link.

Edited at 2010-05-22 03:56 pm (UTC)

Hey Everybody - thanks for the support, it means a lot! There have been some early stage rumblings around here!films about possibly getting another Strachey movie off the ground later this year. Nothing is for sure, but the fact that they're talking about it is a very good sign. We also hear that ICE BLUES, the only Strachey not yet on DVD will be coming out soon; i'll let you know when i hear anything. Meanwhile, on behalf of everybody who makes The Donald Strachey Mystery movies, thanks again for all your encouragement!

have a great summer!
Ron Oliver
Director/The Donald Strachey Mysteries.

Thanks for the good word, Ron! We'll all be keeping our fingers crossed -- not to mention continuing to plague Here! until those rumblings turn into a major tremor!

Re: thanks!, movies presented to bigger audience in Lansing, Michigan on Memorial Day

Hello Ron!
Thank you for the warm words and for the movies, a forever thank you! Everybody will be wishing that the new movie does get made, it would be wonderful.
In a couple of days the Media Con West 30 is taking place on Memorial Day in Lansing, Michigan. Candy Apple, a friend and vital part of the staff of this page has set up a membership for Donald Strachey fandom and is taking 3 of my songvideos (Superman, May I and At The Beginning) from the Youtube page to be shown as part of this year's Video Competition. We want to take the movies to a bigger audience and Candy will also be giving all info needed on them to anyone interested in seeing them whole after seeing the songvideos there.
So I think that Here TV has to brace themselves, as they may get a little bit worn out by us!
Have a sunny summer!

Ron, thank you for sharing that fantastic news!! And thank you to you and the whole team involved for giving us four amazing movies to enjoy so far. It's worth every effort if our activities play even a tiny part in swaying the network in the right direction!

For anyone having trouble linking to the graphics on Photobucket, they are also in my journal at

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